Iron-Deficiency & Pros of Salus Floradix

Iron deficiency is a condition in which the body does not consume or absorb enough iron. Iron is very important to the body’s processes because it allows oxygen to travel to the rest of your body. If you feel dizzy, tired, pale, or you pass out often, you may be anemic. This condition is not something you should ignore: it can cause pregnancy complications and eventually, if it gets bad enough, it can lead to heart failure. Most people get iron from food, but you can always take a supplement if you don’t get enough iron from the food you eat. The problem with taking an iron supplement in pill form is that your body does not always absorb it all as it dissolves, leaving the potential for up to 80% of it to pass right through your body. If you take your iron in liquid form, it doesn’t have to dissolve, so it all will get absorbed into your body. Salus Floradix 500ml Formula provides such an option for the severely anemic who need to increase their iron intake rapidly.


AOR Inositol

Myo-inositol as it is also known is used to regulate blood sugar and also PCOS which is polycystic ovarian syndrome. This molecule is similar to vitamin B substance. For brain signaling this molecule is very essential as it helps in boosting the nerves thereby increasing the way impulses and messages being sent to the brain. Inositol, help in cutting out mood depression and other disorders that has to do with human behavior. People who suffer from this disorder and high blood sugar are able to benefit from AOR Inositol powder supplement. At vitasave online retail store, these supplements are available at the best prices for you to take advantage of.

Inositol is so important because of its effect to cut out brain disorders and other problems that has to do with the receptors connected to the brain. Without the receptors it is readily impossible for messages and impulses to get to the brain. Having AOR Inositol powder will not only help in maintaining a perfect health, but …

Natural Factors Vitamin C 1000 mg: The Best body antioxidant

Vitamin C is a well know antioxidant. It is vital for bones maintenance, normal development, teeth, gums and cartilage. Natural Factors Vitamin C consists 1000 mgof vitamin C in ¼ teaspoon and it is optimally absorbed and is easily dissolved. It is also good in fighting body infections, play huge role in functioning of the immune system. It forms collagen thus significant for wound repair, strong teeth and bones, clean gums and prevents bruises.

Full vitamin C complex, works within our blood vessels, for people who are likely to bruise faster and have “pink brushes”, this actually means they have weak blood vessels which easily break. The P factor in vitamin C makes blood vessels stronger. With actual vitamin C we have strengthened blood vessels. We have body collagen. Our bones and teeth absorb calcium much easier. Our body capillaries are also firm and they do not bleed at faster rate. We do not experience bleeding gums and cell oxidation is much more effective. We ha…

Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydrator – Berry

Everyone of us wants to be fit and healthy, but very few of us actually take efforts to be fit these days. The reason for this are many such as busy lifestyle, work related deadlines, family related problems etc. All these stack up and prevent us from staying healthy. So we start to look for shortcuts in order to be healthy. So we end up doing crash diets or start practicing workouts just by seeing on you tube or other free video sharing websites and end up doing more harm than good to our body.

These days there are many snack bars and other sugary drinks available in the market that promise great things but hardly live up to their promises. Most of these snack bars and energy drinks are full of sugar, trans fat and other chemicals that are very harmful to our body. So this leaves the consumer confused as to which brand to trust in order to lead a healthy lifestyle. is Canada’s leading health supplement brand that produces a great number of health supplement…

SierraSil Joint Formula-14 Caps Deal

One of the most common problem faced by many of us today is pain at the joints like elbow joint or pain near the knee area etc. This can be specially observed In the middle aged people whose bones become weak and brittle due to the ageing process. Another category of people where these problems can be commonly found are among the athletes and sports enthusiasts who undergo excruciating training and are always under pressure to perform.

Apart from these sets of people even youth of today are facing these joint related ailments due to improper lifestyle and lack of exercise in their daily routine which makes the bones weak and tend to lose strength due to deficiency or inadequate supply of calcium. All these problems can be solved by just one remarkable product which is exclusively available at called SierraSil Joint Formula-14 Caps Deal. isCanada’s largest health supplement store that is known for a number of great products that are used by a l…

Natural Factors Stress-Relax GABA - Tropical Fruit Flavor

Stress is our biggest enemy today. Every one of us today is facing stress every day in our lives for a variety of reasons. Some people are going through stress due to the work pressure, some due to the things not going good with their family/friends and youngsters particularly students are going through their academics and exam pressure related stress which is mostly pressure to excel in their choice of field. Be what ever form of stress it is, the consequences are huge and deadly.

Some of the common side effects of stress are insomnia, anxiety, depression, short temper etc. Ironically there is a chemical called GABA which is an acronym for Gamma Mino Butyric acid. This is a naturally occurring calming agent found in our brain whose main function is to calm down the nerves in and around brain during the times of high stress.

 But in people who are facing a huge amount of stress, the production of GABA is slightly lesser than the normal people and this quantity keeps redu…

Natural Factors Multi Enzyme Full Spectrum

Our body consists of a lot of enzymes that perform a variety of functions such as assisting in digestion, breaking up of cells and replicating DNA, production of energy etc. So what are enzymes? Simply put enzymes can be considered as molecular units that helps in speeding up a particular chemical reaction. Some of the common enzymes are pepsin, trypsin, lipase etc. All these have unique functions inside our body.

For proper functioning of our body, we need to ensure that these enzymes are functioning properly. We can face a number of disorders to malfunctioning of these enzymes such as gastro intestinal disorders if lipase fail to work properly. It may also cause heart burn, gas or bloating. Considering all this, there is a certain risk involved to our health if the enzymes do not function as expected.

 Hence it becomes more than necessary to have a supplement that ensures that these enzymes function correctly as expected so that we are safe from all such digestive rel…