Natural Factors Multi Enzyme Full Spectrum

Our body consists of a lot of enzymes that perform a variety of functions such as assisting in digestion, breaking up of cells and replicating DNA, production of energy etc. So what are enzymes? Simply put enzymes can be considered as molecular units that helps in speeding up a particular chemical reaction. Some of the common enzymes are pepsin, trypsin, lipase etc. All these have unique functions inside our body.

For proper functioning of our body, we need to ensure that these enzymes are functioning properly. We can face a number of disorders to malfunctioning of these enzymes such as gastro intestinal disorders if lipase fail to work properly. It may also cause heart burn, gas or bloating. Considering all this, there is a certain risk involved to our health if the enzymes do not function as expected.

 Hence it becomes more than necessary to have a supplement that ensures that these enzymes function correctly as expected so that we are safe from all such digestive related problems. Natural Factors Multi Enzyme Full Spectrum is one such amazing product that can be purchased easily from which is one of the largest health supplement stores in Canada. This product is a perfect blend of vegan sourced enzymes that assists in proper digestion.

Advantages of using Natural Factors Multi Enzyme Full Spectrum are:

This product helps in the elimination of heart burn, gas and bloating related disorders.
It assists in cleansing of gut region from all the bacteria.
It helps in speeding up the digestion process thereby preventing bloating and indigestion related problems
Prevents heartburn post meals.
Natural Factors Multi Enzyme Full Spectrum is completely free from harmful chemicals or preservatives and is totally free of dairy, gluten or soy products.
Some of the major ingredients used in the manufacturing this product are amylase, lactase, sucrose, papain etc.

Directions of use:

It is advised to administer one capsule of Natural Factors Multi Enzyme Full Spectrum before meals or as per the directions of your physician.

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