Natural Factors Stress-Relax GABA - Tropical Fruit Flavor

Stress is our biggest enemy today. Every one of us today is facing stress every day in our lives for a variety of reasons. Some people are going through stress due to the work pressure, some due to the things not going good with their family/friends and youngsters particularly students are going through their academics and exam pressure related stress which is mostly pressure to excel in their choice of field. Be what ever form of stress it is, the consequences are huge and deadly.

Some of the common side effects of stress are insomnia, anxiety, depression, short temper etc. Ironically there is a chemical called GABA which is an acronym for Gamma Mino Butyric acid. This is a naturally occurring calming agent found in our brain whose main function is to calm down the nerves in and around brain during the times of high stress.

 But in people who are facing a huge amount of stress, the production of GABA is slightly lesser than the normal people and this quantity keeps reducing further gradually. So there is a strong need to refill this replenishing chemical substance in our brain. Natural Factors Stress-Relax GABA - Tropical Fruit Flavor is a great product from, Canada’s largest health supplement store. You can find this product exclusively on

Advantages of using Natural Factors Stress-Relax GABA - Tropical Fruit Flavor:

This product helps in reducing stress and assists in achieving calmness.
Assists in keeping your body relaxed and calm all the time entire day.
Aids in getting better sleep.
Helps in preventing several sleep related disorders.
Assists in overcoming depression.
Helps in improving our overall concentrations of our brain and keeps us focused all day long.
This product helps in increasing the concentration of GABA in our brains.
Made from all natural ingredients and does not contain gluten, soy or any dairy products.
 Comes in great flavors like tropical fruit flavor.

Directions for use: For best results, it is advised to take 1 to 3 tablets a day or as directed by physician.

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