Iron-Deficiency & Pros of Salus Floradix

Iron deficiency is a condition in which the body does not consume or absorb enough iron. Iron is very important to the body’s processes because it allows oxygen to travel to the rest of your body. If you feel dizzy, tired, pale, or you pass out often, you may be anemic. This condition is not something you should ignore: it can cause pregnancy complications and eventually, if it gets bad enough, it can lead to heart failure. Most people get iron from food, but you can always take a supplement if you don’t get enough iron from the food you eat. The problem with taking an iron supplement in pill form is that your body does not always absorb it all as it dissolves, leaving the potential for up to 80% of it to pass right through your body. If you take your iron in liquid form, it doesn’t have to dissolve, so it all will get absorbed into your body. Salus Floradix 500ml Formula provides such an option for the severely anemic who need to increase their iron intake rapidly.

Flora Iron Liquid is perfect for those who are iron deficient because as soon as you drink it, it absorbs right into your body. Because the liquid goes right into your bloodstream, it has been proven to be more efficient in delivering iron into your body than through food. Since so much of it is absorbed by the body as it goes into the body, less iron goes into the digestive system, causing less gastric distress that most people complain about when taking an iron supplement. Don’t let your iron deficiency go untreated. Order your bottle of Salus Floradix Formula today. It even comes in a yeast-free option, Salus Floravit Yeast-Free Iron Formula, for those with allergies.

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